MMA star McGregor may have to change his whiskey’s name

MMA star McGregor may have to change his whiskey’s name

MMA legend Conor McGregor could be forced to change the name of his Proper No. Twelve Irish Whiskey due to proposed new regulations.

The Irish Whiskey Association (IWA) has put forward a range of suggested changes to the regulations governing the category to give producers “greater clarity and flexibility”.

The new proposals state that “the labelling, packaging, advertising, or promotion of an Irish Whiskey must not include a reference to any number (however expressed), if the reference to that number may create a likelihood of confusion on the part of the public as to whether the number relates to the maturation period of the Irish Whiskey, its age or when it was distilled.”

Unfortunately, in McGregor’s case the Twelve is his Proper No. Twelve brand refers to the area code of Crumlin, where the fight star grew up, rather than a 12-year-aged whiskey.

‘Proposed changes’

IWA technical committee chair Noel Sweeney said of the proposals:

“Irish whiskey’s status as a protected geographic indication has played a key role in driving the global revival of Irish whiskey sales over recent years.

“Our GI is built on a strong set of rules, consistent with Irish whiskey’s heritage and traditions. These proposed changes seek to provide greater clarity, efficiency and flexibility to Irish whiskey production processes in line with those heritage and traditions, while also promoting a more sustainable industry.”

When contacted by the Business Post on the potential for the proposals to derail McGregor’s best-selling whiskey brand the IWA refused to comment, simply saying it does not comment on individual cases.