Kopparberg embraces Northern Ireland… so it does!

Kopparberg embraces Northern Ireland… so it does!

The UK and Ireland’s N01 premium fruit cider has launched its  ‘Swedish Tastes That Translate’ summer campaign

Encouraging people to enjoy a ‘Koppla Summer Scoops’, Kopparberg’s new drive has cheekily taken some Northern Irish-isms and added a dash of Scandi-flavour, with the brand going as far as to launch its very own dictionary featuring a selection of Swedish-Northern Irish fused phrases to have some fun with

These include:

  • ‘Kopp On’ – knowing there’s only one cider to order
  • ‘Koppla Scoops’ – Low key cider with your mate
  • ‘Eye-Scandi’ – very attractive looking glass of cider
  • ‘Scandilous’ – buying anything other than a cider

Sometimes things get lost in translation but the great taste of Kopparberg is universal! Bursting with the refreshing taste of summer, Kopparberg is famed for its array of fruity flavours, from the classic Strawberry & Lime to Mixed Fruits, and the tropical flavours of Passionfruit, guaranteed to awaken your taste buds.

Kopparberg is available in all major supermarkets and off trade outlets now. For more information, visit @KopparbergIreland on Instagram or https://www.facebook.com/KopparbergIreland #Kopparberg

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