Artis a culinary Christmas present for North West

Artis a culinary Christmas present for North West

The wrapping is set to be taken off a culinary Christmas present in Derry later this month in the shape of a top class restaurant.

Artis by Phelim O’Hagan will open its doors on November 26 in the city’s Craft Village, where it will sit next to its four-year-old sister establishment Soda & Starch.

The new venture by chefs Phelim O’Hagan and Ray Moran comes after they decided the time was ripe to revamp the interior space at their disposal following the success of the outside dining concept at Soda & Starch.

Chef and business owner Ray Moran said: “Soda & Starch has generated a reputation for providing a seasonal menu for every palate and over lockdown it evolved into an outdoor offering that drew visitors from near and far.

“The outdoor dining experience will continue to be available between St Patrick’s Day and Halloween and it is also available for private bookings.

“We are now complementing that offering by opening Artis by Phelim O’Hagan which we see transforming the interior of this venue into an autonomous food destination for those in search of exceptional food.

“I am delighted to work with Phelim on this adventure having enjoyed watching his career mature to make him one of the best in the industry today.”

‘Something magical’

Phelim, who first met Ray when he worked under him at Harry’s Restaurant, in Bridgend, Co Donegal, said: “It is with pleasure, after all these years, to put my name to a restaurant in my hometown and work with Ray again.

“Ray has been a mentor and a solid influence in my career and I know, together, we have created something magical for those with a penchant for good food.”

In 2019 and 2020 Soda & Starch featured in the Top 100 Restaurants in Ireland and has taken the award for North West Restaurant of the Year, among others.

Ray and Phelim now hope to build on that success at Artis with a menu offering an upscale experience to restaurant goers with mouth-watering dishes including the “Locally Foraged Chanterelle Mushroom Risotto, Grilled Radicchio, Tirkeeran Cheese and Apple” and the succulent “Stuffed Wild Irish Venison Saddle, Glazed Parsnip, Broccoli, Braised Shoulder and Barley Hot Pot”.

Phelim added: “We are confident Artis is going to leave a mark on the food trail here and make Derry a contender for one of the UK’s greatest places to dine in.

“Artis is a true celebration of the best quality local Irish ingredients; cooked using both traditional and modern techniques. It will offer an exceptionally high-quality service, providing an experience for all the senses.

“The Craft Village in Derry has come alive over the last 12 months, providing an eclectic mix of artisan craft shops, cafes and restaurants. It is fast becoming a food destination”.

The restaurant will create an additional 10 new jobs.