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We are devoted to providing high-quality products and total climate solutions to create comfortable and sustainable interior environments for all of the people and regions of the world.

Daikin UK is a wholly owned subsidiary of Daikin Europe NV. The focus of our business is the sales and distribution of Daikin air conditioning products whilst fully utilising the advantage of our European Group Manufacturing Division. Over 90 years of precision and innovation has helped Daikin build a worldwide reputation for quality and technology.

Daikin UK has a network of offices and training centres around the UK. The Daikin UK headquarters are in Weybridge, Surrey. However, we recognise that being close to our customers, is vital to our shared success. So Daikin UK has a national network of regional sales teams, training and service centres to ensure that we provide an efficient and expert local response to your needs.

Daikin continually invests in all our regional training centres to ensure that they are equipped with the very latest training rigs, using R410A and R32 refrigerants. So our customers can benefit from the most valuable, hands-on training to hone the skills needed to be at the forefront of our ever-changing market.

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