Breakfast top pick for Belfast as takeaway food orders soar

Breakfast top pick for Belfast as takeaway food orders soar

Delivery firms cashing in on Covid lockdowns

While the pandemic has forced pubs and restaurants across the UK to close one of the biggest beneficiaries has been food delivery firms, thanks to a huge rise in takeaway orders.

Deliveroo, which launched only eight years, is due to float on the UK stockmarket this month, with an expected value of £5bn.

As part of the flotation, the firm will reward its busiest riders with bonuses of up to £10,000 and its customers will also be able to buy up to £1000 of shares in the firm.

Deliveroo founder and chief executive Will Shu, said: “Far too often normal people are locked out of initial public offerings and the only participants are the institutional investors.

“I wanted to give as many customers as possible the chance to become shareholders.”

Just Eat, currently the biggest player in the market, has seen a massive 600% rise in UK orders compared with the first two months of 2020.

The company hailed its partnerships with McDonald’s and Greggs as key to UK growth.

But just what takeaways are we all chowing down on during lockdown?

Well in Belfast it seems starting the day on a full stomach matters, with a 182% rise in Just Eat breakfast orders.

A YouGov survey also found 151% increase in dessert orders in Wales, and a 167% increase in Greek food orders in Scotland since the start of the pandemic.

The poll also found Chinese food is the UK’s most popular takeaway, with 25% of those asked picking it, compared to 17% for Indian and 16% for fish and chips.

Belfast also took its place among the top 10 cities ordering takeaways through Just Eat since the pandemic began.They are:

  • 1) London
  • 2) Glasgow
  • 3) Manchester
  • 4) Birmingham
  • 5) Liverpool
  • 6) Leeds
  • 7) Sheffield
  • 8) Nottingham
  • 9) Edinburgh
  • 10) Belfast

Rrival online food ordering service Flipdish found the is spending over £1bn in fees to Just Eat, Deliveroo and Uber Eats. The cities spending the most are:

  • 1) London – £452m
  • 2) Greater Manchester – £68m
  • 3) Birmingham – £53m
  • 4) Leeds – £41m
  • 5) Newcastle – £40m
  • =6) Oxford – £33m
  • =6) Aberdeen – £33m
  • =8) Glasgow City – £29m
  • =8) Bristol – £29m
  • 10) Cardiff – £26m
  • 11) Sheffield – £25m
  • =12) Liverpool – £22m
  • =12) Belfast – £22m
  • =14) Bradford – £19m
  • =14) Leicester – £19m
  • =14) Nottingham – £19m
  • 17) Brighton and Hove – £18m
  • 18) Southampton – £14m
  • 19) Swansea – £12m
  • 20) Wolverhampton – £10m

Rest of UK – £121 million