Single use hotel shampoo bottles could face NI ban

Single use hotel shampoo bottles could face NI ban

Hotel room shampoo bottles could be banned in Northern Ireland but not in the rest of the UK as a result of a change in EU rules.

Northern Ireland’s post-Brexit deal, the Windsor Framework, means it continues to follow some EU laws, including rules on packaging.

From 2030 the EU intends to ban some single use plastics including miniature toiletry products provided by hotels.

The Stormont Assembly could ask the government to veto the law change.

The potential impact on Northern Ireland was first reported by the Sunday Telegraph.

The EU has long planned an update of its packaging rules to encourage reduction, reuse and recycling.

Earlier this month the European Parliament and the Council, which represent EU national leaders, reached a provisional agreement on the revamped rules.

The 2030 ban would also apply to individual portions of condiments and milk in cafes and restaurants, but not in takeaways.

The UK has already banned some some single use plastic products, such as cutlery and could ultimately end up with much the same rules as the EU.

A series of updates to EU environmental rules could in theory lead to growing divergence between GB and NI.

However that will depend on whether the UK government decides to voluntarily align with EU rules and whether businesses choose to produce to the EU standard.