Tributes after passing of La Taqueria founder

Tributes after passing of La Taqueria founder
La Taqueria's Adam and Eliza pictured at the opening of the restaurant in 2016.

One of the founders of Belfast’s La Taqueria restaurant has passed away. Adam Lynas (39), who had been ill, founded the Mexican-themed eatery in 2016 with Andy Rea, Stevie Haller and his Mexican partner, Eliza Vignolle.

Speaking following his friend’s death, restaurateur Andy Rea described him as ‘warm, kind, generous and funny:

‘His knowledge, expertise, maturity, discipline, patience, palette and above all, his ability to train and inspire people around him was eminent. And in my 32 years in hospitality, I’ve only seen this in a handful of chefs,’ said Andy, who first met Adam when the pair worked at the former Roscoff restaurant in Belfast.

Adam first opened the 50-seater La Taqueria as a pop-up on the floor above Andy Rea’s Mourne Seafood Bar on Bank Street. And speaking to LCN in 2016, Adam recalled the day he first mentioned the project to Andy:

‘He jumped at the idea of a pop-up, he loves the food and the vibe and he suggested going in together,’ recalled Adam. ‘Andy has been a brilliant help to me and we couldn’t have done this without him,’ he added.

At that point, Adam had intended to run La Tacqueria for just a few months until Christmas 2016 but the runaway success of the brand ensured its longevity and in 2019, Adam collaborated again with Andy and Stevie as well as Snow Patrol’s Gary Lightbody and Nathan Connolly to open a second branch on the Ormeau Road.

In an emotional tribute to his friend on La Tacqueria’s facebook page, Andy Rea said:

‘In Mexican culture they focus on the celebration of life more than the mourning. So, we celebrate the life of Adam and he will be dearly missed! As a chef his love, passion and energy will be in every bite and sip in every La Taqueria.’