Pi Guy brings pizza passion to Hill Street

Pi Guy brings pizza passion to Hill Street

Award-winning food incubator Hill Street Hatch is getting a slice of the action with its latest tenant.

Pi Guy, a naturally leavened pizza concept, has just opened business for the next three weekends beginning Thursday 11 November, Thursday 18 November and Thursday 25th November.

Marty Duggan (aka Pi Guy) will be showcasing his passion for pizza and serving his own unique take on Neapolitan, New York and Trenton style pizzas.

All his creations are made using 100% organic dough that is naturally leavened – and he is constantly  inspired by the availability of local, quality ingredients, which he uses to push the boundaries of what is expected in terms of flavour.

‘Truly unique’

While he had been making pizza at home for several years, the pandemic and furlough allowed Marty to focus on developing his recipes, and after a series of wildly successful pop-up nights, Marty decided that his part-time pizza obsession needed to become a full time business – which has led him to Hill Street Hatch!

Marty picked the ‘Pi’ symbol for his logo due to its mathematical association with circles, a play on the phrase ‘Pizza Pie’, but it is also because Pi, the number, is infinite.

“ I like to think of pizza that way…there’s no end to the possibility of what you can do with it. That enables me to create pizzas that feel familiar yet are truly unique. That’s the aim for me with Pi Guy”

So say Hi! to Pi Guy, and visit Hill Street Hatch between the 11th and 28th November!