Most of NI public in favour of hospitality passports

Most of NI public in favour of hospitality passports

Lucid Talk said 65% of people they asked would have no issue with having to show proof of vaccination to go to pubs, restaurants and nightclubs.

A new Department of Health  Covid-19 vaccination status app now allows for voluntary checks in hospitality and entertainment venues and a Stormont contingency plan allows for the “potential” deployment of Covid-19 status certification in “higher risk settings”.

Vaccine passports are already being used in Scotland, Wales and the Republic of Ireland but not in England at present.

There is a huge divergence in opinion on Covid passports between supporters of different political parties, with only 43% of DUP voters believing they should be mandatory compared to 80% of Alliance voters and 76% of Sinn Fein supporters.

When it comes to age categories, 77% of those over 65 are in favour of mandatory hospitality passports but that support falls to 53% from those aged 18-24.

And there’s a notable difference in support when it comes to the sexes, with 70% of women behind a passport scheme compared to 60% of men.

Lucid Talk’s poll also suggests strong support for compulsory Covid vaccinations for healthcare workers, with 69% in favour.

Again there was a notable split when it came to political affiliation, with just 51% of DUP voters for compulsory vaccination, compared to 81% of Alliance voters and 77% of Sinn Fein voters.

A public consultation in currently being carried out on compulsory Covid-19 and flu vaccination for new healthcare workers but Health Minister Robin Swann said any requirement for existing staff could be “counterproductive” and further destabilise an already depleted workforce.