Heineken to review NI prices after kegs in Republic hit with hike

Heineken to review NI prices after kegs in Republic hit with hike

The price of a pint of Heineken in Northern Ireland could be about to go up after the brewer told publicans in the Republic it was putting up the price of kegs.

Heineken told pubs over the border it was increasing the price of certain draught kegs by the equivalent of 17 cents per pint, with the expectation that the price of a pint of selected products will likely limb by around 25 cents.

Craigavon’s United Wines, which distributes beers owned by the firm and Orchard Thieves cider, was unable to say whether the Dutch company was passing on the same price increases in Northern Ireland.

It said: “We are reviewing our costs in the Northern Ireland market and are not in a position to comment at this time.”

The increase will come into effect in the Republic on December 1 with Coors Light, Birra Moretti, Beamish, Foster’s, Murphy’s, Appleman’s and other brands also being hit.

A 50-litre keg of Heineken will cost pubs €185, up from €169 this month a 9.4% increase before Vat is added.

Kavanagh’s Pub in the Liberties area of Dublin said many people would “get used to drinking a different lager”.

“We would need to increase the [price of a] pint by 35 cents. When do we take a stand against this madness?” it asked online.

Heineken, which employs more than 400 people in Ireland, recently increased UK prices by 6%, citing higher costs.

“Businesses in Ireland continue to face exceptional inflationary pressures, and our industry is no different,” the firm said in a letter to Irish publicans.

“Like you, Heineken is faced with unprecedented cost increases across the supply chain.

“This increase is essential for us to offset, in part, the severe input cost pressure.”