Flout still an outlier in top 100 restaurants

Flout still an outlier in top 100 restaurants

Viral pizza shop sensation Flout has been names among Ireland’s top 100 restaurant for the second year in a row.

The east Belfast pizzeria only opens for 12 hours a week and seats just six people but sits alongside Michelin star venues including Dublin’s Chapter One and Ox in the guide.

“We’re just a tiny, tiny business that’s trying our best,” he told Sunday Life. “We’re not even a restaurant as such, so to be up there with all those other restaurants, Ox — Michelin star; Muddlers Club — Michelin star; Noble, my favourite restaurant… it’s insane.”

The former advertising exec, who started the business as his wife was wife recovering from serious illness, added: “At that stage, I just thought why have any regrets, so I’m kind of wedded to this all now.

“I was lucky in that the jobs I did before this, I enjoyed them, I never once woke up and thought I can’t do this. But doing this, it’s different. It’s super-hard, it’s seven days a week, it’s extreme, baking the sourdough takes such a long time… but I love it.”