Diageo keg hikes push pint prices up

Diageo keg hikes push pint prices up

The price of a pint is set to rise again next week after Diageo announced it will increase the cost of a keg.

News of the increase in the list price across the full range of the company’s draught products came in a letter to its customers here.

Along with Guinness the keg price rise will also affect Harp, Hop House, Rockshore, Kilkenny, Smithwicks, Carlsberg and Strongbow with most going up by more than £6 a keg, not including VAT.

The change is due to take effect from April 8, a week after the £1 increase in the hourly national minimum wage.

A standard 50 litre keg of Guinness will increase by 7p per pint from its current list price of £172.89 to £179.07, of which £40.07 is duty.

The hugely popular Guinness 0.0 is also not immune from the increase with the list price of the product’s 30l keg rising from £90 to £94.19.

In a statement a Diageo spokesperson said: “We continue to face increased inflation costs across our business and as a result we have informed our Northern Ireland on-trade customers that there will be a price increase on our draught beer range, taking effect from April 8, 2024.

“This increase will be across the full Diageo draught beer range.’’

A keg of Harp will go up to £171.40 from £165. 48 while Rockshore, the company’s 4% light lager, will increase from £158.01 to £163.58.

Kegs of Carlsberg also will see a jump in price of more than £6 rising from £164.84 to £170.82, as will Kilkenny which is due to go up from £177.57 to £183.92.