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Oasis Retail Services was founded in 1968 by Northern Ireland born Gerald Steinberg, Oasis has dedicated over 50 years to raising standards within the local Gaming Industry.

Oasis has been involved in many aspects of the machine industry and its success and growth have been a direct result of a carefully nurtured reputation and a forward thinking professional approach.

About UsFrom small beginnings Oasis is now a significant operation with the main emphasis of its business development being in Northern Ireland and employing circa 140 people.

Gerald is currently the chairman of N.I.A.C.T.A., former Chairman of B.A.C.T.A (Gaming Centres Division), past President of B.C.T.C., former Director of B.C.C.M. and former Chairman of the Northern Ireland Funding Group of I.E.F


We also own and operate Gaming centres across the country…


Our gaming centres are all fitted out and maintained to the highest standards in order to provide our customers with the environment they deserve.

We provide a mixture of the most popular and modern gaming machines available in Northern Ireland, and constantly invest in new equipment to ensure customers are provided with an excellent selection of machines. These are scrupulously maintained to ensure machine issues are minimised.

All our centres provide regular customers with a range of refreshments and run regular promotions, as advertised in each location.

All Oasis locations run a card based loyalty programme, providing members with personalised benefits from membership. Please call in to one of our locations to find out more!

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